Supporting Women in Tech with Google Event

The event was strictly limited to a selection of attendees, ranging from industry practitioners, experts in the technology sector, with financial support from the private banking sector looking to foster the latest innovations in digital technology solutions. The event was specifically targeted for women, who are generally understated in the field of digital technology.


Speakers at the event included industry professionals from J.P. Morgan, Dell, HSBC, Schneider Electric, Mott Macdonald, Okta and Go Cardless.

J.P. Morgan had a strong representation at the event with the tagline ‘Collaboration is our source code.’ J.P. Morgan was also one of the employers recognised as an endorsed employer for women in 2019 meeting 30 strict criteria aimed at supporting female power and recruitment.


Speaking about the event, Savraj Matharu, Lead Digital Innovator and Programme Director on the Interactive Media Practice MA course, highlighted the importance of employer engagement and digital inclusion. He said: “Women are generally underrepresented in big tech; however, this is rapidly changing as large technology organisations are actively seeking a more inclusive approach in digital technology.


“I have had the privilege to personally work alongside strong female leaders in senior positions, CTOs in digital technology with excellent expertise, strategic visioning and exceptional digital capability, who really bring fresh insight and are welcomed in the industry. With the rise of technology rapidly increasing and impacting our society, it is pivotal we have a more inclusive, holistic approach bringing together collaborative expertise as seen in the start-up world to drive and foster innovation.”


Speaking about the event Shanshan, a student on the course, said: “Things are far more exciting than I thought. When we talk about technology it relates to dull or hard or difficult to access, but at the event it wasn’t like that. The speakers shared insights and methods of how women in technology can perform and overcome doubts and equal in the sector. We made new contacts, friends all willing to support us. Really helpful.”


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