Our students participate in Google Sprint Chapter

The session was held at the fashionable Yoox Net-A-Porter TechHub MediaWorks in London. It provided insight to methods bridging the gap between strategy and execution, to solve large societal problems and test new ideas. Attendees included industry practitioners and experts in the field of technology and design. There was a particular focus on cross-functional teams and team working across disciplines to tackle new challenges and drive innovation forward.


The Google Sprint Chapter is a special innovation workshop with an introduction to new tools, methods and research designed to help large organisations innovate faster and create solutions through being more consumer centric.


Ming Chen, one of the students in attendance, said: “Taking part in such an event let me experience a real design brainstorming process, having a chance to learn a scientific design methodology and also talking with experts in world-leading design companies. I enjoyed the atmosphere of sharing ideas and networking with positive people with a great Q&A from Google in digital innovation.”


Interactive Media Practice MA student Madeline Brown added: “I’ve been to a lot of different conferences and talks since being in London for my Masters, but none of them have had this level of interactivity. I found it to be a valuable experience.”


Speaking about the workshop, Savraj Matharu, Digital Innovator and Course Leader of the Interactive Media Practice MA, said: “It was a true honour to actively participate in an event like this, working alongside exceptional talent and high functioning teams is inspiring. It’s a great opportunity for our students to work alongside leaders in the field of design and technology. As a community we shape and present possibilities and share provocations. Findings for future prospects usually involve re-thinking the status quo and reengineering with a fresh insight, where we can apply specific frameworks, research and data.


“With the rise of technology rapidly increasing and impacting our society, it is pivotal we have a more inclusive, holistic and unbiased approach to bringing together collaborative expertise as seen in the start-up world to drive and foster innovation.”

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