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Meet Jose Pereira – Our First Ever Student 001

What Does an Interactive Developer do?


Jose Pereira was one of the first ever student to apply on IMP, and is also one of our most successful alumnus. He applied through a scholarship, with bizarrely a very strong background in soundesign and production. He progressed the course, exceptionally well – completing a very early VR project with Oculus Rift (whilst in beta), in 2016. He then progressed to employability with Inmarsat ( a leading global satellite communication service operating on land, sea and air) as an interactive developer. 


Jose shares his insight to the type of work he does as an Interactive developer role with leading global satellite communications service Inmarsat. 


Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for more than 30 years – on land, at sea and in the air.


Jose’s role is an interactive developer using new and emerging technologies in VR, AR and mixed reality to deliver solutions and collaborative methods of working. 


Based at the Inmarsat London HQ in the heart of Silicon Roundabout, Jose is busy creating VR and AR scenario tools and apps to showcase how our satellites and services are creating global impact, helping people to communicate across land, sea & air.


Speaking on the role Jose said:

“It’s a great opportunity to work for an organisation like this, provides me with the ability to work with new emerging technologies creatively and collaboratively across the globe. My master’s course in Interactive Media Practice really assisted me in achieving this. I’ve always been inspired by the Space Station, Computer Games and Elon Musk, my job really encompasses all of these aspects – and I’m loving it.”


The course leader in Interactive Media Practice, Savraj Matharu highlighted the importance of employability and the digital revolution:


‘We are in the midst of the digital revolution, and passionate with equipping our students with the necessary employable skills of tomorrow, our masters are engineered towards this, with live problem-solving projects. We support and assist our students with innovative digital skill sets in emerging and new technologies, which are powerful in addition to soft skills such as management, communication and enterprise to ensure leadership and impactful work on scale. Our students often have the ability to humanise technology, which is important, as they will be defining our future. It was an absolute privilege to teach Jose, and to see how his skills and expertise really grew on the programme – he is very unique and we played a small part in developing a unicorn’.


Jose’s work enables him to work remotely through the use of advanced technologies deployed in creative ways through global collaboration. 

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