Savraj Matharu and students from the Interactive Media Practice MA course attend Global Voice Summit

Students studying on the Interactive Media Practice MA course, along with Course Leader Savraj Matharu, attended the virtual Voice Global Voice Summit, which took place in Arlington Virginia on 8 December.

Savraj Matharu

Voice Summit 2021 is a leading event for the voice, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ambient computing
ecosystems, which took place both virtually and in-person. This year, the summit focused on meeting market and consumer demands, as well as the expectations for conversation technology with a particular focus on enhancing the customer experience.

The summit featured global leaders, researchers, practitioners at the forefront on Conversational AI solutions and digital transformation coming together with the world’s top technologists, marketers, designers and product leaders of customer experience transformation. Speakers at the summit included leading CEOs, Senior Leaders, Engineers and Designers from Google, Amazon Alexa, Capital One, AI Lenovo, IBM among several start-ups. It featured a variety of onsite activities through a unique rich hybrid experience, with Demos, curated meetings and networking opportunities.

During the event, which featured keynote speeches, panels and breakout sessions, the students were able to play an active role in discussions with the most influential people in the voice and ambient computing sector.

One of the student attendees, Vedanti Sikka, said: “The Voice 2021 Summit was absolutely brilliant. We got to hear from different brands that are building incredible things like conversational AI in the health and wellness industry to accessing data and insight on apps that use voice technology. It is inspiring to see the capacity of voice technology, and how it will increase in the future. The conference was planned really well – each talk was approximately 30 minutes, which was the perfect length to keep virtual attendees interested. They are also available on demand.”

Speaking about the event, Savraj Matharu, Principal Lecturer in Digital Innovation and Course Leader of the Interactive Media Practice MA, said: “This was a fantastic summit with many pioneering leaders in field of Voice. Our relationship and interaction with technology is on the cusp of a monumental change with the advent of voice, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. The summit focused on innovations in Metaverse the implications on our students and wider society are immense as they will really shape this area, going forward.

“Many of my students develop powerful digital solutions in the field of VUI, AR, VR with impact through digital health projects, and digital interventions which will shape our future. Pedagogically it’s a very interdisciplinary and complex process, but equally rewarding. It’s a really exciting time to be a student in this revolutionary field, with plenty of scope for research innovation and future employability.”

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