Savraj Matharu speaks at leading user experience design festival about innovation in digital health

Savraj Matharu, Course Leader of the Interactive Media Practice MA, took part in the Festival of UX & Design to talk about digital health alongside clinicians and pioneering health practitioners.

The five-day festival consisted of 21 renowned speakers, six Q&A sessions, eight workshop sessions and networking opportunities, with several students attending from the Interactive Media Practice MA at Westminster. Students on the Interactive Media Practice MA course took an active role in the virtual event, asking questions, attending workshops and networking with future employers from across the globe in an exciting and pioneering field of work.

Speakers at the virtual event ranged from leading experts in the field at major organisations including Google, Adobe, Disney, IBM, Harrods, Shopify, and Uber Eats, all of which are operating at the intersection of Design and Technology. Each of the companies have introduced and delivered powerful innovative solutions, concepts and thought leadership within their work.

During Savraj Matharu’s session, he spoke about key areas of research, innovation factors through transformative technologies, and new approaches into digital healthcare. Some examples he discussed included reimagining the doctor and patient relationship, the use of powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tools to reduce clinical paperwork, use of machines to reduce human error and the use of data for effective real-time patient monitoring.

The session was warmly received by the design technology community who attended the event, who were particularly interested in Matharu’s discussion on the use of AI to reduce clinical paperwork. He compared the changes healthcare is going through with education, giving the example of the use of cloud-based services to transform digital learning and the use of educational technology (EdTech) to advance education.

The festival of UX & Design was attended by a global audience, and was concluded with a Q&A session chaired by Adobe and associated healthcare professionals.

Speaking about his session, Savraj Matharu said: “It was an honour to speak at this event among many leading practitioners in the field. My talk highlighted innovations in digital health and reimagining healthcare through digital intervention, possibilities, scope and key case studies of success factors.

“My students are often encouraged to harness the potential of key emerging technology, given the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, we have seen a rapid increase and continued advancement in technology. My students operate at the intersection of design, technology, science and entrepreneurship, and this was a very important festival for them to attend to learn more about user experience through deeper understanding of end user technology. A core part of the user experience is effective communication and human computer interaction, our relationship with technology has changed significantly through technological innovation and will continue to do so. The one constant is change.”

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