IMP student completes the Roche Continents Programme in Salzburg

Every year, Roche Continents invites 100 top-tier science and arts students across many European institutions to take part in a highly prestigious programme as part of the Salzburg Festival of opera, drama and concert.


The programme consists of students interacting with renowned artists and scientists, listening to thought-provoking contemporary music concerts, exposing themselves to provocative scientific research, and participating in workshops that draw parallels between innovation in art and science. This year’s theme was ‘Myths, data and me’.


The Salzburg Festival takes place every summer for five to six weeks in Salzburg, Austria, where prolific classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.


Li said about the event: “It is a great honour for me to be selected by Roche as one of the 100 scientists and artists participating in this activity. In conversation with excellent young people in different fields, I found that art and science, which seem to be two subjects with little connection, actually have a lot of connection. The way to realise the connection is the problem that we discussed in the programme. In this activity, we not only exchanged and studied in the field of science but also participated in the Salzburg Festival, appreciating many excellent art works. Only by understanding a wider area, of art and science, can knowledge be put to better use.”


Leader of the Interactive Media Practice MA course, Savraj Marathu, recommended the programme to Li. He said: “The Interactive Media Practice MA is built on the vision of interdisciplinary and collaboration as seen in the creative industries. The Roche Continents in Salzburg is a fantastic opportunity bringing together world-leading practitioners and academics in the field of science and art – globally. This is an excellent opportunity to explore intersection of science and art, as well as the creative processes that drive innovation to challenge boundaries in conventional thinking. Our students are the future of tomorrow – let’s inspire and enable them to make, create and innovate.”


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