From classroom to workplace live session with Adobe

The session, held on Wednesday 13 March, was organised by Savraj Matharu, Course Leader for the Interactive Media Practice MA course, and was delivered by a top expert in Adobe Experience Design and digital professionals who shared useful tips, tradecraft and industry insights with MA students.


Feedback from students who took part in the course was unanimously positive and highlighted the importance of direct industry engagement.


Mari Dachkovska, one of the students who had the opportunity to attend the session, said: “It was a very exciting session. Adobe has developed tools which have been shaping the creative digital industry for decades! This session was a great chance to get core insights from true pioneers within the sector and enhance my professional digital skills. And it is especially valuable when it comes to jobs — a rare opportunity to get knowledge from real experts.”


Another student, David Ehira, said: “The event with Adobe offered every student on the course the opportunity to acquire exceptional insights on industry-based approach in digital, which is reflective of the teaching pedagogy that the program fosters.


“The event definitely contributed to raising the bar of professionalism for all of us as well as giving us a competitive edge in the global digital market. The session was a game changer and has lifted the programme to new heights.”


Speaking about the workshop, Savraj Matharu highlighted the importance of employability and the digital revolution: “We are in the midst of the digital revolution, and passionate with equipping our students with the necessary employable skills of tomorrow, our course is engineered towards this, with live problem-solving projects.


“We support and assist our students with innovative digital skillsets in emerging and new technologies, which are powerful in addition to skills such as innovation, communication and enterprise to ensure leadership and impactful work on scale. Our students often have the ability to humanise technology, which is important as they will be defining our future. It was great to have a superstar team from Adobe to support our students on the MA in a real-world professional context.”


The Interactive Media Practice MA is an innovative interdisciplinary digital masters course, with a makers mindset, focusing on digital first, combining a range of creative technologies from VR, AR, IOT and Design Thinking to build powerful apps for mobile and wearables with live industry briefs, developing the next generation of student talent for industry 4.0.


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