Course Leader Savraj Matharu speaks in leading London Mobile UX conference

The course leader and founder of Interactive Media Practice Masters – Savraj Matharu speaks at Mobile UX London’s leading UX Design Mobile conference. To a room filled with industry professionals, leaders and business stakeholders all looking for a competitive edge in developing digital solutions, for a day of compelling presentations, hands-on workshops and opportunities for strengthening the community of UX experts in the UK and beyond.  


The talk titled ‘AR a Leap into Darkness’ highlighted successful AR case studies, frameworks for implementation and industry trends as an enabler. Savraj highlighted some of the projects, advances and limitations in the AR field, with some future horizon mapping.


Speaking on the event Savraj said: ‘I was honoured to share a stage with some leading industry titans from Google, Adobe, Orange to IBM. It was surprising to see how many in the room were actually working in the AR space. It was great to connect with the audience from tech experts, to business leaders. I was slightly nervous on this one as I was interviewed several times on camera, just before going on stage, but managed a strong session.’


‘I have a firm view that AR is a transformational technology, just like the iPhone in 2007.’  


The event was a great success with many top industry professionals coming together, the talk was well received and setting the tone for other sessions in VR.



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